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July 25, 2024
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The 17-th Residence for the Ambassadors
November 21, 2022
The German Ambassadors New Residence
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German Embassy Accommodation
October 10, 2020
Thanks to RENTALS the German Embassy has a new embassy building
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We did it- The EU Delegation new office
January 25, 2020
RENTALS has Accommodated the EU DEL into a new premises
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RENTALS-We did it again-Company of the year 2018
March 20, 2019
For the second time in raw RENTALS has become a "Company of the Year 2018"
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RENTALS - Company of the Year 2017
February 20, 2018
RENTALS has become "The Company of the Year 2017"
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Swiss Ambassador- H.E. Mr.G. Bachler about RENTALS
June 9, 2015
RENTALS Ltd. helped me and my family to find...
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Swedish Ambassador, H.E Diana Janse About RENTALS
January 5, 2015
I was impressed by Mr Zurab Eristavi and his real estate company RENTALS Ltd the first time I arrived
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Brazilian Ambassador, H.E. Carlos Asfora About Us
December 17, 2012
Since I arrived in Georgia, I have received the best...
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We SOLD it!
Under an exclusive brokerage agreement we sold this beautiful, 8 storey, 8800 m2, supreme office space to a foreign investor with further development plan!
Our Exclusive Project- SKYLINE. Spacious apartments with terraces! We SOLD it!

The Embassy of Qatar had bought this A-Class, 7 storey office building through our services!


Here are some of the tips to help you to better advantage from this site and get the best of our services.

Welcome to the official web page of RENTALS, Ltd, a real estate agency based in Tbilisi.

Whether you are looking for an
apartment, house or office for rent in Tbilisi or other areas, we believe you have found the right destination - a full scale real estate agency in Tbilisi.(- About Company) Our company is serving nearly every Embassy in Georgia as well as a great number of missions and multinational companies and their personnel for their residential and corporate needs.

Our web page consist of thousands of apartments, houses, offices, for rent, and for sale. Of course, we appreciate your efforts of searching through our web portal by yourself. Although we tried our best to make it as easy as possible we still think that it can somehow be a challenge to find exactly the properties you are looking for through the thousand pieces of information. So we cordially recommend you to fill in the simple form here. . . and let us know few moments of your search. Our letting agents will be in touch with you shortly with some ideas. Please note, not all the information is exposed on the web.

Through our “Search for Property” panel you can choose property type, category. Location, district, number of rooms and price range. For example: Flat (apartment), for rent or for sale, Tbilisi, respective district (Vake, Vera, Old Tbilisi…), respective number of rooms, (3; 3 to 4;) and price of your choice (ex.: USD 1200-1500).

Important note: we understand that you might not know Tbilisi neighborhoods so well, so we recommend you to tick “Center-Popular” in the “District” field. The “Center-Popular” item in the “District ” field collectively refers to the most popular Tbilisi neighborhoods (Vera, Vake, Mtastminda, Sololaki, Old Tbilisi, Avlabari, Saburtalo and some others) where 99% of the expats live.

Another good thing to know in Georgia is that the number of rooms in Georgian reality does not reflect the exact number of bedrooms but total number of rooms (bedrooms and living room all together). So an apartment of 3 rooms is not a 3 bedroom apartment but 2 bedroom apartment with a living room counted as a third room.

We provide the most accurate information on the properties we offer. All of the properties:

Flats for rent in Tbilisi,

Houses for rent in Tbilisi,

Offices for rent in Tbilisi,

Apartments for sale in Tbilisi,

Houses for sale in Tbilisi,

Offices for sale in Tbilisi

are carefully pre-screened and photographed by our English speaking brokers . Our agents are fully familiar with the international standards required by expat society as well as with the Georgian rental market specifics. You can effortlessly find properties of your choice or upload your own properties to sell or rent on our web portal. Should you find it difficult, please feel free to contact us (Please fill in a simple form here) any time of your convenience.

We are probably the best known name among the international community based in Tbilisi when it comes to property rentals. We managed that due to the utmost devotion to our clients and constant strive for bettering our services. We pay lot of attention to the professionalism of our brokers, completeness of our database of properties and responsiveness.

Our database of compiled of the best quality apartments, houses, office and commercial spaces available for rent in Tbilisi. We provide short term and long term rental opportunities for our clientele. We can give you very precise descriptions of every neighborhood in Tbilisi, so you would know the best and worst sides of the neighborhood as well as of the properties offered to you.

If you are looking for an inexpensive lodging for your short stay we can find you a very comfortable accommodation through the wide variety of apartments and houses available for short term rent in Tbilisi. If you wish to find a house or flat for your long stay in Tbilisi we are the best to refer to. We try to get as much information on your priorities as possible to assure that you are offered exactly the properties that meet your requirements.

We take active part in the negotiations with the landlords, assist you to get the best quotations for the apartment, house or office and stay in touch for the whole period of your stay to help you to communicate your needs to the local landlords.

Truly Yours,



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